We aim to work with you and offer a range of services that you can choose from:

  • Online conference registration and management.
  • PCO support and advice.
  • Branding, design and production services.
  • Delegate essentials and merchandise.

Our aim is to make your event easy to plan for and successful in it's outcome.

Self Managed Registration System

You may want to use inhouse personnel to run the event but need some external assistance and expertise. Our online registration system caters for this option, leaving you in control of the event.


Our registration management system is flexible to cater for your needs. Forms can be customised and incorporate your event or corporate logo. Reports can also be customised to present essential data.

Low Cost

There are no upfront fees, no software to buy or maintain, and no formal training required. You pay a fee per registrant:

  • $5.00* + GST per registrant for single day events.
  • $9.00* + GST per registrant for multi-day events.

* = bank/credit card/payment gateway charges are additional and vary depending on the provider.

The fees are shown in the online financial report system so you can track costs.

You are in Control

You have 24 hour access to live data updates and multiple personnel access to a selection or full range of financial and registration reports. Access can be at varying levels (edit/read only) to ensure appropriate levels of control.

Secure e-Commerce

Receive payments via a secure online credit card gateway. Cheque and alternative payment options are also available on request

Delegate Essentials

ID Systems

We can provide a range of ID options including plastic name holders or credit card style ID cards. We also carry or produce a full range of lanyards that can either be cost effective or designed for effect.


Our range of carriers varies from inexpensive single use bags to upmarket options. The selection includes custom made options where the quantity is high enough and there is sufficient time to produce and import them. If you want "green" options, we have a modest range as well.


We can offer a range of speaker and delegate gifts to suit various price ranges and purpose, including Australian product for international requirements.

Sale Items

Whether it's ties, scarves, clothing, caps or any other item you'd like included in your range, merchandise can be a fun way to spread your message or branding and even generate some additional income. We can offer a selection range of ideas on request.

Design and Branding Essentials

Branding is an important element to the success of an event. The look of your event can add credibility and impress corporate supporters.

Event Logos

Our design division is set up to offer logos and design ideas for your event. These can then be used for marketing purposes before, during and after the event. We can recommend the best formats to save the logos in so that they can be used on different mediums.

Programs, Print & Banners

Whether you have us design the logo or you have others already available, we can assist with all of the onsite printing and banner requirements. We produce locally or overseas, based on your requirements and time available.

Websites, Access Pages & e-Marketing

Your online presence is critical and needs to be as good as all of the other marketing elements. We can create website OR a simple access page for delegates to go to when registering or needing information about the event. The design also lends credibility to sponsorships, where sponsor logos and endorsements are used on the site. We can also assist with e-Marketing and create information campaigns that can be monitored and analysed.

Proceedings and CDs

Many conferences like to offer papers to delegates. This can be done for electronic distribution or for more permanent retention. So we can find the best medium to suit your needs and work with you to generate the output.

PCO Assistance

We can assist Professional Conference Managers in the planning and managing of every aspect of a conference. This can be a cost effective way of using an experienced team. Our aim is not only to assist, but to value add once we know the outcome you expectations.

Venues and Services

We have a national network of venues and service providers who we can call on to make your event a success. Our database is extensive and constantly under review. We also do site inspections to familiarise ourselves with locations. Additionally, we are growing our library of videos so we can quickly show you what venues look like.

Sponsors, Exhibitors & Expos

We have a particular style when it comes to working with your partners. We understand the value and income they can represent. Additionally we can offer advice on how to grow this income stream and to ensure ongoing relationships with these important participants. We negotiate an agreement with you regarding fees for servicing this element of the conference.

Administration & Finance

Our aim is to ensure that every aspect of the event is covered off. To do that we create comparison budgets and then monitor spend based on assumptions provided. We also create documents and spreadsheets that everyone involved in the event can see and refer to. Our systems are proven and have been invaluable for many clients.

On Location

The event needs to run smoothly and be a great experience for everyone. There is a lot of background work that needs to be anticipated and done to make an event run seamlessly. Our experience comes into play to ensure that problems are anticipated, prevented or solved quickly. We charge on a negotiated hourly rate for this work.

Our Approach

Cost Effective

You need to know that engaging with an external consultant will bring you a benefit. That might be in saving time, costs or even volunteer hours that could be better used elsewhere. We may not be the least expensive option available but aim to cost effective by value adding.


You should be able to rely on us to provide a co-ordinated suite of services, once they have been agreed. You should also know that we will get on with activities in a timely manner, using our experience and methods.


We pride ourselves on adding a dimension that hasn’t been there. Innovation takes many forms, including new ways of handling the event that makes life easier. We structure our services around your brief and requirements and take a journey together.

Contact Us

For more information call:

1300 2 MYEVENT or 0455 488 599